Mecharian Witches

The Mecharian were a coven of witches dating back to the 15th century, unlike modern wicca which is openly shared by those that practice it, covens used to segregate and were very secretive of their rituals and practices. The Mecharians, in particular, were so secretive that they even developed their own language to ensure that even if their written teachings were to ever be found by other sects, it would be indecipherable.

Largely due to their rituals and practices revolving around using, and honing, the power of the Hellmouths they lived on, as they felt only those in their bloodline were skilled and powerful enough to control it’s power. However, through the ages, the use of those dark energies tainted a lot of those who pulled from it, while it did make them more likely to give birth to magically inclined children, they also often went insane in adulthood from the uncontrollable power the Hellmouth offered them.

Unlike other covens, and most likely due to this corruption from the Hellmouth over the centuries, Mecharian followers often worked alongside demon kind, including vampires. Offering favours of their power in exchange for protection, among other things.

In the early 1800s, however, Ashnes still bitter and angry towards his deceased wife for denying him his right to sire their children for his own gain, set out to destroy what remained of their covens and destroy all trace of them from history. He and his “army” did manage to kill most traces of them, however, a few small scatterings remained, and some of their lore and teachings were able to be hidden away to be kept save for any that survived.

There are even less in modern day, however, those that survived passed down teachings and knowledge throughout the years in attempts to keep their practices alive, and while difficult, they aren’t impossible to find. Still, for the most part, keeping close to Hellmouth locations.

Mecharian Witches

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