High Stakes Production Company



High Stakes Production Company are a recently opened production firm in the heart of L.A., focusing primarily on paranormal research entertainment, such as “Most Haunted” style television shows.

However, this is mainly a front for the companies other projects. Funded 50% by Wolfram and Hart as a reward for the party dealing with the Morning Star, and Gabriella funding the other 50% from her private funds, the company deals with paranormal threats to humanity as a whole, and also as a means of legitimizing the parties mob based funding.

Members of Staff :-

Gabriella – Chief Executive Officer
Nina Carter – Head of Human Resources
Gore – Interspecies Relations Specialist
Kala – Head of Legal Representations
Aurelius – Chief Risk Officer
Alaric – External Field Investigation Agent
Delta – Logistics officer
Alpha – Head of intelligence
Sigma – Special Projects Manager
Kelsey Danton – Head of security
Tom Davies – Security officer
Sarah Thompkins – Security officer
Jane Espenson – Resident Doctor
Matthew Jenkins – Medic
Amanda Waller – Nurse

Resources -

Level 4 Mafia Clout : Big player. The group controls a small army of assorted thugs, mixed fixers, and various garden-variety sociopaths. They have fingers in many illicit pies. Few people knowingly mess with the group, unless they’re looking forward to finding out what “executionstyle” really means. The organization likely has a lot of contacts and influence in “legit” businesses and agencies. Big players on the crime scene must have a minimum Financial Clout 3 and Governmental Clout 2. The largest organized crime group in a city or state would have clout at this level.

Level 3 Funding: In the money. The organization has ample funds including at least a few million dollars in assets. Members are paid handsomely (associates should have at least Average Resources—probably one or two levels above it), and “petty cash” can cover things up to several thousand dollars easily. Major projects involving expenditures in the six-figure range are affordable, although only for good reasons (building a beach house for the chairman of the board is not a good reason—but might get done anyway). The group needs to have Governmental Clout 1 at this level, to reflect the influence all that money represents

Level 2 Governmental: Influential. These organizations have strong connections with the law, and enough pull to get some transgressions (misdemeanors or minor felonies) overlooked or forgiven. The group may have access to some
government facilities and resources (either legally or through corrupt contacts). It also has some connections with important government figures (town mayors, state representatives, precinct chiefs) and has a few favors it can call on if needed.

Level 2 Occult Resources: Occultists. The group has extensive occult knowledge, including a large collection of arcane tomes (minimum Occult Archives 3, purchased separately). Members have basic magical training. Contacts with the supernatural may include spirits or demons who are obligated or willing to offer information.

Size Level – Large: An entire office building or hotel (the Hyperion, perhaps), with multiple rooms and storage space, maybe even covered parking. Three points must be spent

Level 2 Security: Good. Good alarms and security devices (–6 to Crime rolls), security cameras in strategic locations, and, for Large or greater facilities, human guards (use the stats for L.A. Police Officer, p. 179).

Level 2 Supernatural Security: Protected. Security systems that alert the owners if a supernatural being enters the area uninvited. This can be a spell or ward, a guardian entity that “sniffs out” supernatural presences, or even a scientific device that somehow detects abnormal life signals.

Level 5 Computers Lab: Futuristic. Seriously high tech systems, maybe even with primitive (or not so primitive) Artificial Intelligence. Of course, the artificial being has a personality and no doubt engages in a bit of backtalk to keep the gang on their toes (or just to annoy the bejeebers out of them).

Level 1 Science Lab: Basic. A basic lab facility, the kind of place where you can run blood under a microscope and perform some basic tests.

Level 3 Medical Facilities: Top-notch. The basics above with a dedicated nurse on call. Okay, more than one nurse—up to three trained nurses and paramedics (Doctor Skill 3-4).

Level 2 Workshop / Garage: Advanced. Large garage with fairly complete supply of hand and power tools, not to mention the electronic diagnostic ace in the hole. Strictly BYOM (bring your own mechanic).

Getting Medieval Armoury: The group has a nice armoury of archaic weapons, everything from basic pointy sticks to Bavarian fighting picks. One point gets this done

Vehicle Fleet: The group has several cars at its disposal, about one for every five employees. This costs two points.

Level 2: Occult Library

High Stakes get catering from Jim Darius Brady‘s catering company, Jim’s Food Trucks.

High Stakes Production Company

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