High Stakes - A Whedonverse Campaign

The Aftermath

In times past, Humanity drove out the darkness, allowing themselves to flurish

Unfortunately, the darkness adapted. It simmered the heart of man – until it boiled over.

In the year 2160, the corporations are king. They drive every second of every day for all of the best, the brightest, and most morally ambigious mankind have to offer.

On the land below, live those less than lucky. Little more than playthings for the demonic forces above, their struggle is the currency of the new world.

Magic is but a memory. The slayer line forgotten. The gods lay slain.

The wolf, the ram, and the heart have perfected the misery business.

But, their power would be nothing without the heart of man- without a spark of hope, there is nothing to perverse.

It’s funny though, the thing with a spark is that there’s always the chance it can ignite, with the right fuel.

That spark goes on. And the biggest fight since humanity dropkicked the last old one out of their domain is about to go down.

Whose side are you on?


willis_hall_88 willis_hall_88

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