Jim Darius Brady

Loving Father and Dedicated Food Truck Operator


Jim (38) married Leona (36) when he was 16 years old in 1980 after a small ceremony with their closest family and friends.

He studied the culinary arts in Westerloven, Idaho at a trade school. After graduating he spent a couple years working with his uncle before moving to LA with his wife, Leona, so she could fufill her actor dreams. As of todays dato she has appeared in a couple commercials and is currently working as an accountant.

Jim and Leona have two kids, Bethany (15) and Timothy (8). They are both well behaved Brachen-half-demons. Unfortunately, neither Jim or Leona have Brachen blood, and the children are a product of an affair Leona had with a Brachen. Jim just learnt of this as Bethany changed to demonform for the first time and they are currently going through a rocky part of their relationship.

Jim loves his kids, even though they aren’t his biological children, and he has passion for making food. Deep down he still loves his wife, but whether or not the relationship will survive isn’t certain. He also knows how to and enjoys to play the bass whenever he has the free time.

Jim owns a small food truck business but still likes to do field-work in the trucks. High Stakes Production Company use his company, Jim’s Food Trucks, for catering. The company is doing well economically.

Jim Darius Brady

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