Rogue Power


Jasmine was an ambiguously evil being whose goal was to gain a corporeal form on Earth and become ruler of the world. The main goal of Jasmine, the Devourer, was to bring world peace. The catch, however, was that Jasmine’s vision of world peace was a complete lack of free will, wherein all humans would be mindlessly and unquestioningly devoted to her, while she had to literally eat people to maintain her energy.

Long ago, the primeval forces that are now considered good and evil took shape; however, the malevolent grew in power and the era of demons began. The primeval forces for good became The Powers That Be who left this world and made themselves content to watch from an alternate reality, only directing the remaining forces for good on Earth and not taking an active part in the war against evil.

However, she decided to take matters into her own hands and impose peace on Earth via mind control. First, she conquered a dimension filled with a race of insectoid demons as a “rehearsal” before going to Earth. This former power, known to these demons as “The Blessed Devourer”, tinkered with the demons’ evolution and society, but eventually abandoned them and later spoke of them as a “mistake”. In the following centuries, many lost their faith in her while others fanatically awaited for her return. Like in the case of mankind, Jasmine assumed a shape similar to that of her zealots.

Her “brother”, a similar entity known as Morning Star, attempted a similar feat via purging all essence of evil with literal flames of sanctification.

She also created a earth like realm for the people of Atlantis, known by them as the Lightbringer, but later also abandoned their realm.

It is unknown how many “test runs” she completed prior to attempting to claim Earth.



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