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“Above anything else time is the greatest limitating factor to our potential.” -Codex Hominoid, Leonardo da Vinci 1517

During his experiments to create a man unwithered by time Leonardo made a brother and a sister: Giovanni and Gabriella

Giovanni, the first was made without a soul, and acted much like you’d expect.

Gabriella, the second was made with a soul, which obviously made Giovanni angry, or whatever his equivalent was. Whatever it was it ended with him killing Leo.

Gabriella, even though having spent little time with her father-creator-person followed in his footsteps. Which mostly means drawing things and writing sciency stuff unintelligibly.

Most her life she has kept a low profile, partly due to traditional gender roles not really working with her hobbies, and she didn’t really think being immortal would help with not getting burned as a witch either.

Of course, you don’t get real old with having some tales to tell, but Gabriella really isn’t the kind of person to tell them.

During the Cold War Gabriella could hide in herself from the surely impending nuclear extinction of mankind in her underground bunker, but when her search for the Book of Nebu-only-alex-can-spell-it-zhnazhchar brought her into the supernatural world she had done her very best to ignore up to this point she learnt that nuclear anhilation wasn’t the only thing she had to worry about. After all, what use is a bunker against Gods and Demons and other evil magicy bad stuff?

Seeing her friends and her allies at High Stakes make deals with extradimensional entities all willy-nilly made it abundantly clear to Gabriella that she couldn’t face the vampires, demons and forces of darkness all alone, and having never heard of a slayer she decided to make a supercomputer running three AIs.

After a little adventure where she turned the sun off and on again she decided to invest in High Stakes. There she works with more or less, sometime less, likeminded folks that share the same goal: The world not ending. Anyway, having allies that don’t mind working with the supernatural just means that Gabriella won’t have to.

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