Delilah Jones



Delilah Jones is one of the few Mecharian witches still living and practising in modern times, and a very, very distant relative of Kalathra (they assume). They met in the same arcane group where Kalathra initially encountered Annock. Unlike Kalathra , Delilah is not a natural born witch, but rather a human practitioner.

Delilah’s ancestors were some of the Mecharian practitioners to have survived Ashnes attempt to wipe them out entirely. They went into hiding, however, they continued to pass down their knowledge of magic, and what texts among them remained to the generations down the line. Continuing all the way to Delilah. However, while texts and rituals were passed down through the ages, much of the knowledge of the language had been lost, as most current witches from the same ancestry had never learned, nor been taught the language fully. So reading them, and using them, had become harder and harder over the centuries.

It was this that brought Delilah to the arcane group, hoping to find someone who may have had knowledge of her ancestor’s dead language, in an attempt to learn more about her magical heritage.Kalathra, at the time had no idea that any Mecharians still remained, never mind practising ones, so when Delilah brought the texts to their meetings one night, it was beneficial for the both of them.

Kala happily helped Delilah translate the texts, while Delilah happily shared everything she had inherited over the years with Kala. It was during these discussions they ascertained that they must have had some shared linage, as Kala‘s surname occasionally appeared in Delilah’s family’s text. With this shared commonality, they became close friends, and have kept in contact in the past few years.

Delilah current resides in Cleveland, Ohio – one of the few places left with an active Hellmouth – still studying about her ancestry.

Delilah Jones

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