Daemon Avalon

Vampire, Ashnes' second in command


Daemon was the first of the three children born to Ashnes and Anne-Marie Avalon, and was, by all accounts, a miracle birth. He was lavished and spoiled as a young boy, both from being the only child the couple imagined they would ever have, and due to his heritage as the son of a vampire “lord”, even if he was born entirely mortal.

Until, six years later, Kalathra was born. What attention had been lavished upon him through his early years, soon shifted – most especially his father’s – as even as a toddler it was very obvious Kalathra had inherited their mother’s natural gifts for magic. While Kalathra seemed to shy away from attention from their father – perhaps seeing him for the beast he was even then – Daemon instead vied for his father’s attention and adoration.

After Alessa was born, another six years later, Daemon watched his father spending long days and nights reading tomes he couldn’t hope to understand as a fourteen year old boy. Suddenly, Ashnes’ interested in him peaked again, tempting him with sweet talk of how strong a leader of their army Daemon would be when he was a man – and sired.

All Daemon was interested in was making his father proud, being the sort of man — or vampire — he wished him to be. So when his father offered him a place at his side, he gladly accepted. Completely unaware of the dark contact he was signing his soul away too. There was a glimmer of understanding what a mistake he had made only when Ashnesslaughtered his mother but it was too late – and what could he have done to stop it?

In the years following, Ashnes trained him as he awaited Daemon to grow into a man to be sired. Even with all the fear he had for him, he still did his best to make his father proud, though continued to be fiercely jealous of the attention he poured on Kalathra – unaware at the time that his father’s time with her was an entirely different kind of “training” he had never required.

This jealousy continued to stay with him, well into adulthood, maybe even more so after being sired. While he watched Kalathra continued to grow stronger each year, more so than he would ever be able to match; though he knew his place, his part in the greater scheme, and while he may have hated his sister, he knew she was integral to having the power they’d one day need to take their rightful place.

After Kalathra defected, Daemon became his father’s right hand, and has assisted in the search for her, as well as the training of their forces, and helping to deal with their various contacts. He prefers to aid in bringing Kalathra back from the sidelines for the most part; fully aware they need her alive, and if he were alone with her – especially in her current ‘state’ – he may not have the self control not to put her in the ground.

Daemon Avalon

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