Ancient Vampire Lord


Much of Ashnes history is clouded in secrecy, the first known recording of his presence dating back nearly 500 years.

He claims to be a direct descendant of the Maloker bloodline, the first demon to infect humanity and in effect the father of vampirism. Ashnes claims to be 2 generations removed, however whether this claim is true or simply a ruse to cement his “purity” is unknown. The existence of the Turok-Han would contradict this.

Ashnes, born Asher Hayns, has always been of the mind that vampires are the epitome of demon kind, and has spent years seeking, and siring, legions to attempt to “take control” of their “rightly” place as the leaders of both demonic, and human kind. Along with bolstering his numbers, he also sought out a magical bride to give birth to three unnatural children – Kalathra Avalon, Daemon and Alessa. This obsession, and ideology, escalated after the birth of his third child, with Ashnes realising he could use his children to further his cause. Having stumbled upon a prophecy that foretold that the three of them, when together, would be more powerful than any one could ever hope to be alone. The power of three, the heart, spirit, and power; with this knowledge, he began to attempt to groom the children to his cause, to use them as the leaders of the armies he intended to command.

Their mother objected fiercely to the idea, especially when Ashnes began to talk about siring each of the children, sooner rather than later. Daemon was old enough to agree to be sired, and help his father – though under somewhat false pretences. Kalathra was less enthusiastic, and Alessa, only a baby at the time and the most vulnerable, was sent away by Anne-Marie to be kept safe, while also enchanting the two girls to prevent them from being sired.

In response Ashnes killed the sorceress, sired Daemon and bent Kala to his will. Upon the death of Alessa, however, Kala rebelled and escaped her fathers grasp.

He spent the next several years hunting Kala and hoping to return her to the fold. Once he learnt of her whereabouts following the police’s investigation into the High Stakes Agency he sent his followers to gift an Eye of Gozer to Coruk “CK” in exchange for murdering as many of Kala’s friends as he could – CK already had plans to kill Gore so it fit into his schedule nicely.

He also had his men murder families throughout L.A. in a similar fashion to how he had killed Kala’s mother, and sent her a heart in a box to shake her.

He also took in a young Wiccan named Nina Carter as a surrogate Alessa, hoping to use her to tempt Kala to using her powers recklessly and being drawn back to the family as a result.

He also had his men sire Sharon Davidson as she had knowledge of the High Stakes agency following her investigation.

His sect seems to have relocated to L.A. as they enact their plot, but their exact location is unknown.

They seem to have links to the Italiano’s family but to what extent is unclear.



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