Anne-Marie Avalon

Witch -- Deceased.


Anne-Marie Avalon was born amongst the Mecharin coven living in Boca del Infierno, what would later become Sunnydale, California in the mid- 1700’s. She was a powerful and practised witch, even among her peers. Her coven often fraternised with the vampires who lived amongst them, offering their magical services in exchange for their safety from them.

It was through this truce that she metAshnes, then Asher, whom she would later marry and have three children with. She taught him how to speak and read their language, and of their many practices of drawing power from the Hellmouth. It was during this time Asher adopted the -nes suffix from the Mecharian language to his name, becoming Ashnes.

After Ashnes began to turn against her, in an effort to use their children for means she never intended to be involved with, she used powerful magic to bless her daughters with magic to protect them from being sired. However, this in turn left her drained and vulnerable to Ashnes, who then killed her as a result.

Anne-Marie Avalon

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