Alessa Avalon

Human -- Deceased


Alessa was the third of Ashnes and Anne-Marie’s children. She was only two when she was sent to live with distant friends, whom she was raised under as if they were her own. As she wasn’t naturally inclined to magic like her elder sister, she spent her childhood in relative normalcy. Though her adoptive parents were magically inclined, they shrouded her from the arcane, and limited their own magic to protective spells to keep themselves under Ashnes radar.

She was thirteen when she was killed after Kalathra tracked her down to finish her immortality spell, frightened and completely unaware, maybe for the better, that it was her own sister who had so sadistically sought her out to this end.
It was Alessa’s soul, and pureness of heart – her place in their triad – that broke Kala from Ashnes brainwashing and control, bringing Kala to her senses and returning her morality, setting her on the path towards redemption.

Alessa Avalon

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