Home world of the Minotaur species. The bulk of their society lives in the capital at the centre of the planets one large landmass, whilst the remainder live out in a feudal expanse.

It is said that the world is held aloft by the great bull Mithras who’s word is law.

Each member of the societies station in life is determined by their fighting ability, judged in the Pitts. Many are taken into servitude to the state should they be judged too weak or sickly to fight from an early age – those who do fight are usually bought after their first couple of kills while their price is still low. Those who make it all the way to their 22nd kill become full citizens, with a vote and many careers available to them in capital – or they can take their place as one of the lords of the underlying towns, should the previous Lord have died. They are also by right able to challenge any other freed Minotaur to combat, should they desire their position.

Although much of the planet is primitive by human standards, the capital homes an abundance of engineers capable of creating Great War machines and their Mystics are capable of opening portals between realms, which is how they do the majority of their business.



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