Hailing from their home world of Mithras, the bull people known as Minotaur are a slave race bred for battle.

They are honed in the fighting Pitts until they are purchased, the higher the amount of wins under their belt the greater the asking price.

They may refuse a contract, however, but if they do so they remain in the Pitts until their 22nd consecutive kill or their death.

They follow a religious text known as The Mandible that teaches the purity of combat and survival of the fittest, and that the natural order of things is to be preserved. It is believed it was written by the spirit of Mithras himself, the great bull whom the planet is named for.

The ruler of the realm, Grok manages the slave trade and rules over a council of freed Minotaur who act as his advisors. The capital is a wonder of steampunk technology and surprisingly advanced ballistics, whereas the “cows” (Minotaur yet to earn their freedom) live in a feudal villages below.

Their are numerous Minotaurs spread throughout each realm, usually sold in bulk as private armies for war mongers.

They are physically intimidating and much stronger and more resilient than a comparative human. However they are often easy to control given the strict conditioning they go through in their youth and time in the fighting Pitts.



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