Magical Practitioners Preservation Society


The Magic Practioners Presversation Society (or MPPS) was formed sometime in the mid-90s by a small group of of various magically inclined individuals, in an attempt to preserve knowledge of old, dwindling magic. As well as help the magically inclined hone their skills, and act as a meeting place for those seeking arcane knowledge, or in need of help for magical practices.

They have pretty steep expectations of proficiency for people applying to become a member, to have full access to their extensive libraries of their rarest literature and all the services they provide, but they do allow limited access to almost anyone, including a large library of uncommon books they’ve collected to keep safe over the years. Their library is generally populated by magic users, and that’s often enough to meet like minded individuals. However they also have scheduled meetings for members and the general public, for those both seeking help and those looking to offer their services.

They have several offices scattered around the US, however their headquarters is in L.A.

Magical Practitioners Preservation Society

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