The Italiano family came over from Italy in the early 1900’s, intent on gaining a foothold in the new world.

They quickly made powerful allies – aligning with the Alfredos family, the two quickly divided up the city and shared the spoils.

They aim primarily upon protection rackets and keep to the old ways.

Once the Alfredo’s declined, they struggled to maintain order alone as the Archosians rose to power with the help of La Sombre.

They utilised Giovanni as a powerful enforcer, and maintained a good standing as “men of their word”, allowing them to ally with numerous third parties and ride out the Morning Star assault.

After the fall of the Archosians, they aligned with the newly reformed Alfredos family (secretly under Gores command) to resume their interests.

Their Leader, Fat Tony, is a traditionalist who is as loyal as he is deadly.



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