Home of Alaric’s people, humans who were saved from the Old Ones influence on earth by Jasmine

After she abandoned them they replicated her “unity” via technological means, creating a peaceful paradise.

They were recently ravaged by Morning Star as Whisper piggybacked on Alaric to their domain, hoping to ensure they would not interfere with his plans.

The inhabitants of the former mythical city of Atlantis thrived during their voluntary exile on this hospitable faraway world. Their technology revolved around separating one’s mind from their bodies and living as a pure hivemind-like consciousness. Interference with other worlds was rare, although some individuals grew curious of what happened outside of their bubble of safety.

Unbeknownst to most, the whole structure of this utopian society was built on a lie. Those revered as enlightened leaders, the most important one being the mythical “Lightbringer” who started it all, had little in common with the idealized vision most had of them. Capricious deities whose actions, good and bad, were purely driven by the lust for worship, and had little to no regard for the lives or the freedom of individuals.

The events happening on Earth, and the damage caused by the Morningstar’s incursion, served as a catalyst for what quickly became the most violent civil war Atlantis had ever known. Beings of pure thought tend to have strong opinions and ideals, whether misguided or not. Of course, from an outside perspective, and by regular standards, it was little more than a highly passive-aggressive argument. However, things escalated quickly. When the most vicious of debaters decided to resort to sarcasm, it was clear that a point of no-return had been crossed.

An exodus began, as some went off on their own, others formed factions. Banks of ancient data were raided and stripped clean; the swiftest minds acquired highly performant bodies, designed for excursions in other worlds. The stragglers had to content themselves with earlier models, some even incorporating ancient brass automatons or maintenance drones.

All that’s now left of the city are the tall, empty cyclopean structures of lightweight concrete, haunted by automated drones built to last centuries, going about their tasks. A few well-hidden caches remain, but the place is haunted by the wails of the few stragglers who stayed behind, whispering things such as “Well, we had a nice thing going here” and “Really seems like a bit of an overreaction to me”…

Those who left either formed smaller colonies in secluded places, or integrated into other societies. Some simply struck out on their own to explore hidden wonders throughout the cosmos. The fabled “Shrimp World” was a popular destination, as it reminds Atlanteans of their long-lost Terran aquatic city. Some loyalists and zealots went into hiding to pursue the ideal of safekeeping their technology and scriptures.


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