Envoy of the Morning Star


A “balance” demon who once served the powers – however, he grew tired of their inaction and hypocrisy, and instead aligned himself with a fallen power known as the Morning Star to end the war between good and evil once and for all.

With the Morning Stars help, he managed to shed his mortal form long ago, and now acted through subtle influence of others. He created a network of agents to help bring his master back into this realm.

Contrary to his nature, he had also learned to “feed” on disorder, the more conflict he created the more it fed his powers and ambitions.

He could possess others should the need arise, or even manifest if well fed enough, however he has not displayed this ability fully at present.

He spent several weeks attempting to Influence Alaric into acting on his behalf, but tipped his hand too early when he mislead Alaric into attacking Amotep without fully explaining the nature of his mission.

He bonded with Giovanni to help bolster his efforts to block out the sun, and then possessed one of his Vampire Luitenants once Giovanni had been defeated.

He lost his empathic connection to this realm when the party banished the Morning Star, and his current whereabouts are unknown.



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