Sharon Davidson

Cop turned Vamp


Sharon was unlucky, in that she was new to the force when she first encountered the supernatural.

On one of her first assignments she encountered the party as they apprehended a parasitic demon, which possessed humans through sexual acts.

Mistaking the party for the killers, she lead a taskforce to try and restore order.

This failed, and she was forced off of the case by her superiors, and she became deeply paranoid as she was stalked by the shapeshifting Alaric who was not used to human customs.

Barnaby was instructed to murder her by the powers, as a pure soul sacrifice, but was prevented from doing so, leading to a powerful earthquake upon the release of Amotep from his slumber.

She attempted to combat the forces of darkness single handedly, against Donuts warnings, and found herself overwhelmed.

However, seeing worth in her skills and knowledge of the party, the vampires would not let her die. Instead they rose her as one of their agents. Ashens was their to greet her for her rebirth.

Her current whereabouts are unknown.


Sharon Davidson

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