Nina Carter

Mislead Wiccan


Nina’s Wiccan powers manifested early – she was levitating pencils before she started school, which did not go down well at Sunday school.

Her family were zealously religious, and believed she was impure. Her father often attempted home made exorcisms, more to satisfy his own sadism and self loathing than to help his gifted daughter.

This changed once Ashnes took an interest in the young girl – he had his men slaughter her family, and freed her from their oppression.

She was raised from her early teens as the vampire lords surrogate daughter, and told tales of her big sister, who she would one day bring back into the family.

She was sent to the party as a wayward youth in need of guidance, her goal to slowly tempt Kalathra Avalon into over-utilising her powers, and falling victim to her darker impulses as a result.

Ultimately she wants the same thing she always has – a stable family home. By whatever means necessary.


Nina Carter

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