Morning Star

Fallen Power


The first beings to exist in this plane were known as the The Powers – they existed for eons as formless light in the void.

Eventually their thoughts and dreams gave birth to what we know as the material plane. At first, it was a paradise, living artwork from the Powers imaginations.

However, eventually materialism took hold, as the powers began to argue over creation. These dark thoughts birthed the first demons, as Powers became corrupt and tied too strongly to the material plane.

These beings became known as the old ones, and they ruled over the world for untold generations.

The powers didn’t dare face them head on, as they knew the temptation of the material world could one day also drive them to megalomania and madness. They instead put their faith in the natural creations of the world, and gave them guidance to fight the darkness alone.

The Morning Star grew tired of this strategy, and took it upon himself to face the old ones head on, assisting mankind directly.

He found a loop hole to allow him to enter the world while minimizing the risk of corruption – he found a willing host to house his essence, experiencing life through a mortals eyes and leading the charge to banish the last of the old ones to the deeper well.

However, following his victory, he realised that even once the Old Ones had been vanquished, evil managed to live on in the hearts of mortals. He sought to purge the world in flames, killing all those who hold dark thoughts and desires in one fell swoop, making the world safe for his brothers and sisters to return without risking corruption.

Sensing his intentions, the Powers helped mankind work powerful magics to banish him from all planes of existence, putting powerful seals in place to prevent his return.

A being known as Whisper managed to contact him in the space between realms, seeking a way to put an end to the war between good and evil permanently. He acted as his agent on earth, seeking other agents to slowly whittle down the seals.

He managed to gain a foothold back in existence through Amotep domain, and fought the powerful Dream God in his own realm (where his power should be nearly absolute) which would have given him access to the final, most powerful seal – the dreamscape itself.

However, the party managed to use powerful ritualistic magic to banish the fallen power before he could destroy Amotep, and he was once again cast out of existence.


Morning Star

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