Kelsey Danton

Vengeance Obsessed Slayer


Kelsey lived a relatively normal life, until the age of 14 when she was called as one of the potential slayers – she was contacted by a member of the Watchers Council to be trained, in case she should ever be called as the current slayer.

Unfortunately for her, her watcher died under mysterious circumstances, and Ethan Rayne posed as his replacement.

She spent the next several years enduring torture and punishment by Ethan’s hand, as he attempted to craft his own personal perfect slayer body guard.

After all current potentials were activated as Slayers, Kelsey found the strength to rebel against Ethan, cutting him down.

She soon learnt that killing the Chaos worshipper wasn’t so simple, and became obsessed with ending him once and for all.

Buffy Summers attempted to recruit her into her slayer army, however her obsession with Ethan proved to be too much of a distraction and she would often abandon her duties and leave her partners in danger if she caught wind that Ethan had revealed himself.

The party promised to help her finish Ethan once and for all in exchange for her not scaring him off while they still required information.

She currently works at High Stakes Production Company as head of security, enjoying the stable source of income and waiting to call in her debt with the party.


Kelsey Danton

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