Kalathra Avalon

Resident magic user, totally not unstable


History Pre-High Stakes:

Kalathra was the second child, and first daughter born of the unholy union of a wiccan mother and vampiric father. Her mother, Anne-Marie, was a desendant of a coven of witches that called themselves Mecharian, who had spent centuries studying and harvesting the power of the Hellmouth they lived on. It was that harvested power that allowed, when Anne-Marie met Ashnes, a vampire “lord” as he fashioned himself, to have their children ; something that would otherwise be impossible.

Ashnes had always been of the mind that vampires were the epitome of demon kind, and sought legions to attempt to “take control” of their “rightly” place as the leaders of both demonic, and human kind. However this escalated after the birth of their third child, with Ashnes realising he could use them to further his cause, having stumbled upon a prophecy that foretold that the three of them, when together, would be more powerful than any one could ever hope to be alone. The power of three, the heart, spirit, and power; with this knowledge, he began to attempt to groom the children to his cause, to use them as the leaders of the armies he intended to command.

Kalathra’s mother objected fiercely to the idea, especially when Ashnes began to talk about siring each of the children, sooner rather than later. Daemon, Kalathra’s brother, was old enough to agree to be sired, and help his father – though under somewhat false pretences. However, Kala, was less enthusiastic, having spent most of her time learning from her mother, and so Anne-Marie created a powerful spell that made siring the two girls impossible. Fearing for the safety of her youngest and most vulnerable child, Anne-Marie sent Alessa to live with close magically inclined friends. That was the last straw for Ashnes, and the last he’d allow of anyone in his circles disobeying him. He murdered Anne-Marie in front of both Kalathra and Daemon, assured that if he couldn’t reason with his children, he could control them with fear.

Kalathra, however scared, still refused him in the months and years following, whether it was refusing to do spells for her father, or otherwise rebelling against him for what he’d done to her mother. Ashnes, in turn, began to use torture tactics to control her and make her do as he asked, breaking and brainwashing her to mould her into the weapon he wanted.

Kala was a force to be reckoned with under Ashnes’ control, just as sadistic and twisted as any of the vampires in their group. Though she constantly dealt with her human morality being hung over her head by her ‘peers’, an innate weakness she was unable to “free” herself from. So, in her early twenties, she spent a great deal of time delving into magicks that most other humans wouldn’t dare tread, until she was able to create a ritual to imbue herself with the immortality she lacked.

The ritual required the sacrifice, and absorption, of 1000 human souls – something that wasn’t unattainable in her line of “work”, though the last was the most difficult. A powerful, pure soul, the only one of which she knew of, was her younger sister. After tracking her down, and completing the spell, however, the strength of the purity in Alessa‘s soul was enough to pull back her own long since dormant morality and bring her to her senses. Though this was not without it’s downsides.

After which, she fled from her father and brother, and has since been trying to make amends for the harm she caused in the past, and the people she killed.

History – High Stakes :
After years of hiding from her family, and keeping as low a profile as possible, Kala started to use what power she knew she was able to control to help those around her. She found solace in a group of wiccans and sorcerers who all did the same, for whatever their reasons. There she met Annock, who she formed a close friendship with over the years.

She had been putting plans in place to leave L.A., worrying that with how prominent she’d made herself Ashnes might be on her trail, when Annock asked Kala to watch over his agency while he was away. He was scarce and avoided details when she questioned where he was going and how long he would be. He promised he’d return soon, and with information on the coven Kala’s mother had been apart of as payment, before vanishing into the ether and leaving her with an agency she had little idea how to run, and very little in the way of help.

Soon, help — or hindrance, depending on the day — trickled in, in the form of the group that she now calls friends, for various reasons. Together, with a hiccup or two here and there, they’ve managed to actually begin to make a difference, most notibly in the recent trapping of The Morning Star. While her decision to join W&H, out of fear, and paranoia, still hangs over her, and she stands by her decisions to defy them, more and more, it’s been shown that big, dark magic has been necessary in the fight against evil, and Kala’s grasp on where her boundaries lie with her control over her power has started to become a bit fainter.

In the months since Morning Star’s ‘defeat’, and the set up of the new agency under the guise of a production company, Kala’s normally stringent magical use has become a lot more lax. Whether overconfidence from what she was recently able to achieve, or just an inevitability of her magic use, it’s difficult to tell. Whatever the case, both her and Nina have been playing with unnecessary magic until the early hours, and Kala’s suddenly very open to the idea of magical solutions; a stark contrast to her former self.

Kalathra Avalon

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