Soulless Vessel - Deceased


Giovanni was the first creation of Da Vinci in his attempt to create artificial life – although physically peerless and incredibly intelligent, he lacked the spark of creation to give birth a soul, making him an abomination in his fathers eyes.

Once his father created Giovanni’s “sister” Gabriella, he was intensely jealous. He aligned himself with other soulless creatures, mainly Vampires, and killed his father in a rage.

He spent the next few centuries acting as a scientific consultant for his new found demonic friends.

Eventually, he encountered the entity known as Morning Star, who promised him a world of eternal night, where only the soulless could survive.

Although he knew enough about the entity to see through his lies, Giovanni was intrigued by the possibility of removing his vampire companions greatest weakness.

He worked with Whisper to block out the sun, allowing Whisper to use him as a vessel to bolster his strength, and single handedly defeating Davos’s forces and creating his ultimate weapon to block out the sun.

His victory was short lived, however, as the party managed to track him down and interrupt his celebrations, using a drone strike to destroy his home and magic to pin him in place as they decapitated him.



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