Gill Alfredo

Wise Guy Vamp


Gill Alfredo, cousin to “Fat Tony” of the Italiano family, was a relative low level mob enforcer for decades, never fully respected by his peers.

However, that changed when he was approached by Wolfram and Hart with an opportunity – be their eyes and ears in the mob, and they would help fund his own personal ventures.

With their guidance and directives, he managed to carve out his own territory with similarly minded low level goons. With the backing and resources of Wolfram at his disposal, he soon found that his own Alfredo family began to outshine the Italiano’s themselves.

This pleased Tony, however, as it managed to direct attentions away from his own venture and Wolfram managed to keep the police out of everyone’s business.

This changed however, when Wolfram fell from power. Without their support, he fumbled his businesses and the Archosians easily swept up his remaining men into their own family, including his trusted enforcer Coruk “CK” who had acted as his muscle for years.

Down and out and feeding on drunk nightclub patrons for months, he eventually stumbled upon Gore. Seeing Gore interact with the mafia, and had links with Wolfram, he lucked back into his position following the defeat of Morning Star – a process in which he aided, providing a minor distraction while the party completed their spell.

He now acts as the figure head of the Alfredo family, managing the day to day operations, while Wolfram and Gore pull his strings.


Gill Alfredo

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