Fat Tony

The Vampire Godfather


Antonio Russo, as he was christened whilst human, was a poverty stricken hustler in Sicily, circa 1860. He made his living committing petty crimes, until he befell a group of vampires assaulting the local tavern.

After being beaten to near death, and biting his assailant in retort, he awoke a creature of the night.

With his newfound vampire strength he managed to catch the interest of the local Mafioso, ascending to cappo and then consigliere in short measure.

Once they had expanded their reach to the new world, he was sent over to Los Angeles in the early 1900’s.

Starting up his own gang, he sired numerous low level thugs to bolster his forces with supernatural strength. Quickly gaining a foothold in the city of angels, he and his fellow mobsters from the old country quickly gained notoriety as “the italianos”

Eventually his “cousin” (a descendant of sister) Gill Alfredo joined the family business, and was sired by Tony. Unfortunately he never really had the intimidating persona that the family relied on, and as such was delegated to low level duties.

After his nephew got the backing of Wolfram and Hart, however, his Alfredos family became powerful allies.

After the fall of the Alfredo’s Tony took a back seat and left the day to day handling to his enforcer Giovanni. This caused a schism however when Giovanni seemingly went rogue.

Once Wolfram and the Alfredos rose back to power, he once again took up the mantle of Boss, and absorbed much of the La Sombre territories.


Fat Tony

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