Bookworm Badass


Davos was born amongst the tomes of the Librarians domain.

Unnaturally tall and muscular, he was deemed a mutant and avoided by his own kind.

He still hungered for knowledge, but was denied the deeper tombs.

He left the realm for earth, where his violent tenancies were indulged until they were no more.

He retreated back to his baser instincts, and longed to accumulate knowledge across all realms.

His followers, who had been entranced by his brutality and the power his knowledge had attained them, followed him dutifully, and spread the word of “Davos the destroyer” amassing a following, known as the Hessians

He formed the Titty Twister to keep up appearances as the ruthless demon he was once known as, and spent his days contracting his men to find him items and tomes of power.

He also hosts a weekly book club with powerful and influential like minded individuals, where he is able to discuss business interests whilst also analysing texts of interest.



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