Daniel "Donut" Matthews

Well Meaning Cop


Daniel was a respected police captain, well liked amongst the force and by the local politicians.

He spent his whole life in service of the force, to serve and protect, but eventually he failed to protect the woman he loved most.

His wife, Nancy Matthews, was killed in cold blood. The death seemed to be a standard mugging gone wrong, but the bite marks on her neck lead Daniel down a rabbit hole he never escaped.

He pursued all supernatural cases that landed across his desk with a vengeance, and made numerous contacts in the supernatural underground in the process.

This cost his career heavily, eventually being devoted to the mail room, a captain in title alone. His friends on the force thought him crazy – this wasn’t helped by his refusal to accept his wives death, talking to her often in his quiet moments.

Despite his fragile state, he has proven himself a useful ally to many who attempt to drive back dark forces.

He attempted to prevent Sharon Davidson, his coworker, from following a similar path, however she was killed attempting to fight vampires head on. he feels deeply guilty for allowing this to happen.

He has recently been reinstated to his former position, and put in charge of supernatural investigations, although this is all strictly off the books.


Daniel "Donut" Matthews

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