Coruk "CK"

Minotaur Enforcer for the Archosian Family - Deceased


Coruk, known as CK or “Cow Killer” following his tenure in the fighting pits on his home world, was raised as a slave like most of his species.

He believed strongly that there was purity in the fighting pits – it was a sacred tradition that following 22 straight undefeated kills in the pit, a cow had earned its freedom and citizenship. They were no longer “cows”, but ascended to the rank of a true Minotaur. He was one of the few of his race who managed to succeed in this task, and became a freelance enforcer for the mafia, seeking opponents to test himself against.

He was a strongly religious man, believing heavily in his races sacred text, the Mandible. It taught that natural order, what a human would call “Darwinism”, was sacred. As such he sought to crush the week, so that they would either ascend to strength, or be removed from the gene pool.

He took great offence when a slave who had escaped by chance, known as Gore, interfered with one of his clients business. He also suspected that he was the fulfilment of an ancient Mandible prophesy, of a breaker of chains who cheated his way to power, and brought ruin across all worlds.

He was trapped beneath rubble and killed by the party following his plot to kidnap Daniel “Donut” Matthews, in an attempt to lead the group into a firetrap.


Coruk "CK"

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