Claudia Prisco

Resident Slayer


Claudia was the result of a forbidden union between Father Cristobel Prisco and Sister Maria Rossi.

Cristobel was a respected priest and a happily married man, and Maria was a devoted nun who served the Order of Montanus, a secret catholic sect established to fight the forces of darkness.

As such Claudia was raised by the sect in secret, and trained in their ways. She was an accomplished and well trained fighter even in her youth, but this was bolstered heavily once Willow Rosenbergs spell activated all potential slayers.

Once she was granted access to her slayer strength, she was a force to be reckoned with, eventually being elevated to head of the LA branch of the order.

Unfortunately, her inherited the sight, which her more zelous colleagues interpreted as demonic possession. They organised an excorsism in secret, and tortured Cristobel for days in attempt to rid his “demon”

He did not survive the process. Claudia had the would be Exorcists imprisoned for their crimes, but the knowledge that her father was killed under her watch without her realisation still haunts her.

She recently discovered her brother, a respected priest in his own right, had taken the call to fight the darkness.

She brought him into the order and has overseen his training with great interest. Together they discovered the morning stars true name and helped banish the entity.


Claudia Prisco

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