Annock Lestar

Liaison to the Senior Partners


Annock was born a half human half Brachens, and struggled to find his place in the world – he was rejected by humanity for most of his formative years, due to his difficulty switching between human and demonic forms.

He eventually found his place amongst the arcane, as he became a proficient sorcerer, and put his talent to use as a rogue demon hunter.

He soon ran afoul of The Scourge, and spent several years amassing other brachens to his cause, minimizing their influence in the city.

Following this, he set up the High Stakes Agency, trying to aid those in need.

However, once the being known as Morning Star started to gather influence, he saw several of his allies fall in combat, without being able to effectively drive back the beasts progress.

He was approached by Wolfram and Hart, who were heavily weakened in this realm and desperate for allies in the material plane.

He agreed to sell his soul in exchange for them bolstering his powers, and took most of his staff to work with them off plane to prevent the Morning Stars resurrection. He initially assumed he could use their powers and then walk away, but soon learned that a deal with the partners was not something you could go back on.

He left his trusted friend, Kalathra Avalon, in charge of his agency as he feared Wolframs corruption could lead her back to her old ways. He took the rest of the staff with him, as he needed all of the magical strength he could muster to stand a chance.

Eventually he crossed paths with Kala again, as she forcibly pulled him back to his old agency. He could sense Ashnes’ influence on her magic and feared the worst. He offered her protection from the partners – better the devil you know.

He then worked with the senior partners to weaken the Morning Star, slowing down his assault while the party found a way to banish the former power.

He allied with Gore and his criminal underworld, hoping to gain some form of control over this realm for WRH. He also attempted to bring Davos back into the fold with the parties help, to no avail. He betrayed the partners by dismissing the powerful sorcerer Ethan at Kala’s request – worse, he went back on a contract, directly against the partners very nature.

Once the crisis was averted, he took his place as Wolframs avatar on this plane, and provided as much assistance as he could to the parties newly found operation, hoping that some form of his previous agency could live on through them, as he was now 100% bound to the partners.


Annock Lestar

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