Lord of the Dreamscape


Once a minor demon in the days of the old ones, Amotep retreated into the dreamscape and took root in the very human psyche to prevent banishment.

Finding hope and innocence hidden deep in the sub conscious of humanity, his nightmarish nature was softened, and as he learnt to master this domain his power grew to untold levels whilst in his realm.

The Powers entrusted the dream realm to him, and placed it as the final seal to lock away the Morning Star

He was worshipped by various cultures throughout the ages as the god of dreams and nightmares, and his very presence could warp reality based on the psychology of those around him.

However, he was forcibly ripped from his realm by Whisper, after Barnaby failed to make the relevant sacrifice (Sharon Davidson) to bolster the powers influence on the realm.

The party managed to protect him and return him home with Kalathra Avalon’s Wolfram and Hart boosted magic, but he was pursued by the Morning Star regardless.

He was almost defeated in his own plane, even with the senior partners assistance, but the party managed to bind the Morning Star before he could kill Amotep.



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