High Stakes - A Whedonverse Campaign

The Aftermath

In times past, Humanity drove out the darkness, allowing themselves to flurish

Unfortunately, the darkness adapted. It simmered the heart of man – until it boiled over.

In the year 2160, the corporations are king. They drive every second of every day for all of the best, the brightest, and most morally ambigious mankind have to offer.

On the land below, live those less than lucky. Little more than playthings for the demonic forces above, their struggle is the currency of the new world.

Magic is but a memory. The slayer line forgotten. The gods lay slain.

The wolf, the ram, and the heart have perfected the misery business.

But, their power would be nothing without the heart of man- without a spark of hope, there is nothing to perverse.

It’s funny though, the thing with a spark is that there’s always the chance it can ignite, with the right fuel.

That spark goes on. And the biggest fight since humanity dropkicked the last old one out of their domain is about to go down.

Whose side are you on?

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Season 1 Summary
The Story So Far

Episode 1: Lonely Hearts

The party manages to subdue an STD demon, however attract the attention of Sharon and the LAPD and accidentally summon a goat demon… and maybe the Devil or something? It’s probably fine.

Episode 2: The Great Escape

The Party attempts to evade police capture, a vampire gets thrown through a window as a distraction, the police department gets hacked.

Episode 3: Passion of the Djinn
The party meets Nina. Maximilius attacks a nun and learns about a priest with “the sight”. Alaric meets the Whisperer who convinces him to trick a Genie. The party kill some cultists. Kala gets an unwanted gift in the shape of an organ.


Episode 4: Minotaurs Big Day Out
The Scourge attempt to hunt Gores kin. Kala learns more about her “gift” and families being slaughtered in ritualistic fashion. The party first encounters CK as his men fight the scourge and attack the party. Alaric and Barnaby come to blows about Sharon as she turns out to be a seal. The earthquake occurs.

Episode 5: Fallout
The party first hear of Davos and the book of Nasmowhoever. Spend the session dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake. Ck gets a gift from Ashens.

Episode 6: Fata Morgana
The party confront Amotep and face their worst fears. Alaric turns on whisper as he feels he is being manipulated. Kala makes contact with Annock, and is forced to enter a pact with wolfram to protect her from Ashens and protect Amotep. Ck kills Sister Maria.


Episode 7: collateral
Ck tries to lure the party into a trap. The Mob starts to fall apart. Aurelius has a vision of the danger and the party fight CK, defeating him. Sharon is killed as she attempts to fight vampires on her own. The party meet Claudia.

Episode 8: Home

Aurelius joins the Order of Montanus. Gore aligns with Gill. Allaric inadvertantly infects his people with the morning star. The party meet Davos and agree to acquire an item for him. Gabriella develops 3 functional AI’s.

Episode 9: Night at the museum

The Party fights through a haunted museum and members of the Italiano family. they recover the codex and Salems Lot. Davos is assaulted and the book stolen.

Episode 10: The English Connection

The party meets Ethan and Kelsey, the slayer he abused. Alaric gets drugged. The party agree to help Ethan in exchange for information, but scare him off.

Episode 11: Darker Days

The party attack Giovanni and all seems lost. The party learn more about the seals.

Episode 12: Brave Sir Robin

The party regroup, Kala’s spells and Gabriella’s drone allow them to destroy Giovanni. Andrew is met and puts the party in contact with Giles. Ethan is tricked into advising the Morning stars weakness, following the parties dream walk.


Episode 13: Choices
Giles advises the party that they can seal away morning star. The party split up; Gabriella and Gore attempt to turn the sun back on, Alaric and Kala attempt to banish the Morning Star, Aurelius and Claudia attempt to learn the Morning Stars true name.


Episode 14: Endgame
After a bitter battle, the party weaken the morning star enough for Kala to bind him. It is revealed that Nina has been a plant throughout.



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