The good fight . . .
Pretty words. Noble sentiment. Fervent desire. But the fight ain’t pretty, noble, or desirable. It’s harsh, hard-core, and hell on Earth. It’s kill or be killed and anything goes. The objective is to triumph, put down the enemy, and stay alive to fight another day. Hard as it is to swallow, the last goal—survival—is almost always the most important. That isn’t noble or honourable, and it sure as hell doesn’t sit well, particularly if some of your buddies fall in battle. But being another casualty doesn’t help the cause, and it certainly won’t bring back those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. You gotta be willing to make the hard choices, able to do the job right the first time, and ready to push aside the pain and terror.

And make a buck. After preventing the apocalypse and imprisoning a primordial force, our characters have taken evil fighting to a corporate level, fighting the good fight and preventing economic collapse all at the same time. Now protected by the glitz and glam hollywood offers to up and coming production firms, they still strive to make the world a better place, one villain at a time.

However, dark forces have already surfaced to try and displace their efforts – a murder on set has the gang on the trail of a secretive sect that worships a being known as “the raven queen”, while their thought-to-be ally Nina is MIA – and deliberations are underway as to where their true loyalties now lie, given their partnership with Wolfram and Hart.

Also they decided to summon another hell god friend because it ended so well last time.

High Stakes - A Whedonverse Campaign

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